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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 9, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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trapped in traffic. right now emergency repair work on the bay bridge is causing a mile's long back up both into and out of the city. >> those repairs are all due to a large hole on the upper deck of the western span. crews are rushing to fill that hole before the morning commute. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live with the latest on this. >> yes, cal trans is up there trying to patch the hole on the bridge that is two feet long and half a food wide. let me show you what it looks like on the upper deck. this is where the cries are putting in the new rebar so they can fill the hole with more concrete. two lanes of traffic on the upper deck are closed while they work on this, and they
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hope to be finished by midnight. the hole opened up and the rain and concrete down on the lower deck. there are no reports of injuries, but one cal trans worker tells us there was a large chunk of concrete attached to some rebar that was dangling over traffic on the lower deck. three lanes had to be shutdown on the lower deck and that caused a huge back up in downtown san francisco. >> i have been here for about two hours on the same street. i don't know why we are in this traffic. >> my dog is getting antsy back there. >> i don't know anything. i thought it was the giants game. >> at the time we spoke to that woman the giants game was still going on. it ended about an hour ago. you can imagine how bad traffic is now. cal trans says they are not sure exactly how this happened , but not uncommon for the wear and tear on the bridge. the goal is to have the patch
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job done by midnight. if not, cal trans feels pretty confident they will have it fixed before the morning commute. reporting live on treasure island, alan wang abc7 news. >> thank you. in san francisco traffic around the bridge has been absolutely gridlocked. you can see the city streets packed. this is the on-ramp and really cars are at a stand still. >> to make matters worse, all of this happened as the giants ' game was letting up. this was near third and harrison. a sea of cars in every direction. none of them are moving. walking was a better way to get around. you can see all of the red. that means cars are crawling. some people are saying it took more than an hour to get to the on-ramp. >> you can keep an eye on the traffic. you can also follow us on
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twitter at abc7 news bay area. we will keep you updated. tune into the abc morning news. we will have up to the minute information on your commute. >> happening right now, the search continues for a missing boy off ocean beach. a 14-year-old boy was pulled under by a rip tide about 4:00 this afternoon and sadly has not been seen since. abc7 news anchor ama dates a is there live. ama? >> dan, rescue crews still haven't been able to find a boy. they say he is 14-year-old marco cornejo. he was enjoying a day at the beach with his cousin and cousin's father when they got caught in one of those rip currents. rescue boats, a chopper and spotters on shore all searched the water off ocean beach for the missing 14-year-old. >> obviously as time goes by, they don't have wetsuits and they knew he was in trouble. >> he was at the beach with his father and cousin when the boys were overcome by the current.
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>> the two younger kids were playing in the water and were pulled out by the rip tide. the father wasn't a good swimmer and went in to help and he got in trouble too. >> the surfer realized the family needed help and immediately went after the cousin. >> once i got the kid on the board i thought this is simple enough. take him in and we will be fine. and then i saw the dad bobbing water and everything went -- i thought he could be dead or dying. >> with the cousin safely on shore he went back in and dragged the father to the beach. the fire department gave the father cpr and was able to get his pulse back. he was taken to ucsf with life-threatening injuries. his son, marco, is still missing despite a multi agency effort. the waves can be unpredictable. >> they were pretty moderate. the thing with ocean beach is that it can go from really low to really high really fast. >> he didn't hesitate to risk his own safety for that of the family in trouble. it is just what you would expects from the son of a san francisco firefighter.
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>> it is not every day you got a phone call and you say i just saved two people at ocean beach. shocked, but not surprised because that's the kind of person he is. >> they have lights on their boats. they are continuing to search the waters. the fire department hillary search the effort. abc7 news. >> ama, thank you. vallejo police shot and killed a man following a pursuit this afternoon. sky 7hd shows us the damage to a police cruiser and the suspect's suv. the chase ended at the solano shopping center where the suspect crashed into police cars. an officer fired through the suv wean dough hitting the -- window hitting the suspect. they heard five to seven gunshots. this all happened as a routine traffic stop for expired tags. >> two firefighters are in the hospital and one in serious condition after a pair of fire trucks crashed into each other. the accident happened about 9:30 at brunswick street and
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evergreen avenue. a ladder truck and a fire engine were totaled and a green car was damaged after one of the trucks broadsided the other. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a polo alto woman fell to her death on a popular arizona hiking trail. 53-year-old carol hyde lost her footing near devil's bridge in sedona which is seen in this picture. she was with her husband and daughter at the time when she sliped and fell 75 feet on april 2nd. she was taken to the hospital and died from her injuries a few days later. and fire tore through this mobile home in san jose. it may have damaged surrounding homes. it happened at the casa de lago mobile home park on -- south of the montegu expressway. five minutes of utter terror at a pennsylvania high school. a 16-year-old is in custody accused of stabbing 22 people early this morning. tonight he is in police
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custody and will be charged as an adult for the attack. karen travers is there. >> tonight this stunned pittsburgh community gathered to pray for the victims of today's bloody violence. just after 7:00 a.m. before the classes even started, franklin regional high school went on lock down. >> people were running everywhere. no one knew what to do. it is unbelievable. >> police say the assailant was the 16-year-old sophomore. he ran through the halls wielding two 8 to 10-inch knives. 22 people were stabbed. a security guard and 21 students. >> there was blood where the double doors are all over the wall. >> it was blood everywhere. >> tonight the school's assistant principal is being called a hero for tackling the suspect and stoping his spree. >> mr. king immobilized and i pinned him down and held down his wrists and arms and tried
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to keep the knife stationary. >> people were crying. >> audio captured the chaos. >> i don't know what i got down here at the school, but i need somebody here asap. >> officials say this could have been worse. during the attack a student pulled the fire alarm. police say that helped quickly evacuate the school. >> there are a number of heros in this day. many of them are students. >> alex told school officials after the attack he wanted to die. tonight he was charged as an adult with four counts of attempted criminal homicide. 21 counts of assault and denied bail. karen travers, abc news, pennsylvania. >> alex's father made a brief statement outside the family's home. >> my thoughts go out to the victims today. i hope they recover. >> he says his prayers goes
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out to everyone and everyone recovers as quickly as possible. they removed computers and other evidence from the home. the defense attorney says the family is devastated. >> they did not foresee this coming at all. this was a nice young man. he was never in trouble. he is not a loner. >> he will undergo a mental evaluation before he appears in court on april 30th. the student who set off the campus fire alarm is a sophomore nate skimio. they say nate protected a girl and another person as suspect went through the school. he took a knife to the arm to save them. judging by the selfie that nate put on instagram, he appears to be going okay. a baskin-robbins employee was going way beyond 31 flavors in belmont, authorities say. he was arrested after being accused of serving undercover detectives marijuana along a with their ice cream. the bust was part of a
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six-week investigation. the 20-year-old was working at baskin-robbins since 2008 when he was 14. they don't know how long he was serving drugs on the side. we are following breaking news. tonight the emergency repairs on the the bay bridge, we want to give you another look sat traffic heading out of san francisco. this is the sky way and the drivers are head together lower deck and it is gridlocked. craws are working to fill -- crews are working to fill a large hole in the western span. we will have an update on the repairs. >> and a surprise for a local college student dedicated to helping his community and his priceless reaction to a very generous gift. >> forget the save the date cards. this is more like a wedding trailer. the couple that wants to make sure everyone knows when they are getting married. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel giving you a glimpse at your morning commute. we have a foggy view looking across the bay. i will let you know when it will clear out when abc news continues. first, here is jimmy kimmle.
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>> here is a snippet of what we are up to tonight. >> how did you get them on your show? >> i text them. >> you have their phone numbers? >> i have a lot of people phone numbers, jimmy. what a loser, huh?
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the ultimate gift for a young man who gives so much of himself. he moved from el salvador to the united states to pursue a college degree. he was studying electrical engineering and computer science . in his off time he works as a tutor and promotes computer literacy. today a big surprise.
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he found out he no longer needs to worry how to pay for college. >> it is $30,000 a year for four years. >> you made us all incredibly proud. >> congratulations. >> sbt that a -- isn't that a great story. thousands apply for the scholarship. only 75 are awarded annually. he doesn't know where he is going. a shopper looking for deals found something much more unusual in roseville. a four-foot crocodile that was abandoned and left in a box outside a reptile shop they are illegal to own and they can grow to be as large as 20 feet in length. animal control officers captured the croc.
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officials at the department of fish and wildlife say they are looking for a zoo where they can take the crocodile. >> first there were wedding invitations and then the save the date card and now there is something that tops them all. it is a save the date video for their attorney. it is really more hollywood trailer than a youtube video. look at the production value. it has gone viral, boss it is beautifully shot and some say a little cringe worthy. it has racked up thousands of views. this is not something you shoot on your cell phone. >> that's like nothing you have ever seen before when it comes to saving the date. we are keeping an eye on traffic for you as crews work to repair that hole in the upper deck of the bay bridge. >> here is a live look at the san francisco sky way. it is leading out of the city and on to the bridge. as you can see as it has been for hours, it is just a terrible mess. let's get a check on the
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forecast. sandhya patel is here with that for us. >> i hope they can get everything fixed by the morning commute. add to that we will have fog to have to deal with. that may slow you down. live doppler 7hd is tracking the fog. i do want to show you the visibility. over a mile in santa rosa. it is pretty cloudy. three miles in half moon bay. watch out in the morning. here is what you will have to contend with. a dramatic time lapse showing you the fog taking over san francisco. it is tucked away somewhere beneath that blanket. from the exploratorium camera looking at the bay bridge and the top of the towers are a little on the gray side. 51 in san francisco and it is 53 in oakland. it is 57 in san jose. half moon bay x los gatos, you are in the 50s. flying out of sfo, low ceilings could cause some delay. keep that in mind. 49 in santa rosa and petaluma. 54 in concord and 58 in livermore. and the view from the emeryville camera, on overcast as we look toward san
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francisco. a foggy morning for the coast and the bay. mild inland tomorrow afternoon. we are looking at cooler weather for the end of the week. today's temperatures dropped across the bay area as we expected. tomorrow we will hold you there. we will see a cooler pattern developing for friday and saturday. this area of low pressure will work toward the coast. we will see a little more cloud cover and perhaps some drizzle going into friday and saturday. that is going to mean temperatures will come down some more. tomorrow morning be careful out there. the fog is going to make for a little bit of a tough ride. temperatures in the mid40s to the mid50s. you will feel the chill in the air and you will need to bundle up when you leave home. the kids will need the extra layer. the afternoon highs look like, this mild inland and into the 80s around antioch and livermore and fairfield. 72 oakland and 75 napa and santa rosa. the fog is going to linger into the afternoon. 60 in half moon bay and 71 san mateo. palo alto and san jose and 66
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in santa cruz. and just in case after you get off of work and you are going to the giants' games as they take on the d-backs, it is going to be breezy and it will be cooling down quickly from the mid50s at 7:15 to the low 50s. you might want to take a wind breaker or sweatshirt if you are checking out the game. a foggy morning for many parts of the bay area. your ride across the bay may be on the murky side. temperatures will cool into the mid70s on friday and saturday and upper 50s along the coast and only to see more sun on sunday. you get the gist here. it is really minor changes in our numbers. tuesday into wednesday we will be back down to where we should be this time of year. >> thanks, sandhya. >> sports director larry beil is here. tough on timmy tonight. >> this is a trend at this point. paul goldschmidt has a hex on
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tim lincecum must have nightmares about paul goldschmidt. scary, scary scenes in which goldschmidt homers off timmy every time they play. wait. that's real life. again tonight giants and d-backs . bobblehead night at the park. timmy's head is ringing no doubt. in trouble early and runners at the corners in the first. nobody out and facing goldschmidt. gone, gold member gets him again. he is 13 for 24 lifetime against timmy with seven home runs. 3-0d-backs in a flash. and michael moore crushes it.
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a few more feet and he might have hit the coke bottle out in left. it is a 3-1 game. move to the fourth and 5-2d-backs. parra with a single and triple and this two-run homer and timmy goes four innings and 7-3d-backs is the final. rubber match of the three-game set tomorrow. this was a 22-pitch at bat and bloops a little flare. bringing it. you will get nothing and like it. chavez with a career high nine strikeouts. they could not slam the door. the new closer, jim johnson struggling again after two walkss and a single. a sack fly would tie the game at four apiece. here it comes and there it goes.
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derrick norris and putin saw that one it was hit so hard. a's win it the hard way. they go for the sweep in minutes minutes tomorrow. the sharks have been chasing anaheim all season long. one last chance to keep their division title hopes alive.
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world sharks eat ducks for lunch. i'm sorry. that's the way it goes. different story in the nhl. rivals meeting in anaheim with the title on the line. the ducks wrap up the division with a victory. a little snap shot.
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very late first period. he turns the corner and there is one second left in the period. it is a 1-1 game. #u on the rebound and they call this the toe drag. this is a sweet goal. the ducks would win it 5-2 and thus clinch the pacific division crown. the par 3 contest and the bright red hair and he apparently could really putt. he made need to take putting lessons from her. round one of the masters is tomorrow. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> love that par 3 contest. it is so much fun. >> what an athlete. >> thanks, larry. >> we will be right back.
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wake up weather. you will need extra time for the morning commute. it will be a foggy one. temperatures will be on the chilly side. 40s, 50s first thing tomorrow morning mining niko will be tracking the fog. dan and carl lynn? >> thank you very much. we want to give you another look at our breaking news. the traffic is just a mess because of emergency work on the bay bridge. you can see the headlights moving now. >> this is a change from a half hour, 45 minutes ago, no question. still been a mess, but it looks like it is easing a bit. they hope to have the repair done by midnight. it should be okay by the morning commute. that's our report. i'm dan ashley, thanks for watching. >> i'm carolyn johnson. abc continues on-line, on twitter, facebook and all of
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your mobile devices. our next newscast is 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kate upton from "transcendence", cole hauser jonah hill and channing tatum and music from neon trees with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy.


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